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Message Subject The ROOM...A Christian BrainStorming (((( Thread )))) Current Events...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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grouphug to all in the ROOM hf

A dream I had when I napped this morning...

I was in a room, much like a living room but it was not a typical one. Everything was WHITE. The people in the dream, all wore white clothes, very silky and clean. I remember first seeing my husband's face. He was smiling as he was watching something intently, like on a TV screen. I glanced to see my two boys were sitting on the floor in front of him, also looking at the screen. There were some other people surrounding us as I was sitting opposite side, facing my family.

The light coming from the source...this TV screen...it was too bright and radiant to be from a TV. I felt like we were watching a movie but it was live. Whatever it was, we all gasped, smiled and just watched in total amazement. Then it was over. I thought to myself "so that's how it will end..."

People left the room in groups, while my husband stayed with the boys. I felt like I was the "overseer" and making sure things were okay. I look to my left and smiled at this old age couple, both smiling as they too were watching a similar screen with the same radiating light. The man is sitting with one leg up on an armchair while the woman is comfortable on the floor. All dressed in beautiful, silky white clothes too. They reminded me of the actor/actress couple from Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing: Ossie Davis (died @ 87 in 2005) and Ruby Dee (will be 87 on 10/27...God Bless!) hf

Then I appeared in another room. This was a very large and dramatically designed room! It was shaped like a half-moon driveway but with 15 ft ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, double-paned all around. Everything was crispy white. I felt comfortable and at home there!

There was a door to my right, facing the flat wall with no windows. The door was constantly opening and closing as people kept coming in. I was on a cordless phone talking to my mother. However, we didn't speak any words. I just knew she asked me "What is it like in there?" and I was describing everything to her as much as I can. Then as I spoke (in thought), I was watching my boys run around the room, my husband chasing them, with other children too! There were many people but it was calm and everyone was cool. Suddenly, lol, ANIMALS came in! At least some dogs anyway. They were all different sizes and breeds. What threw me were these two HUGE dogs that came in together, side by side! One was a black rottweiler and the other was white but wasn't sure if it was the same or something different. They brushed right by me as I bent over to keep from falling from the strength of their girth! I gave them a quick glide/petting greeting and it seemed everyone was happy to see the dogs.

THEN this little girl, a precious little blond-haired, blue-eyed thing, with a mini white princessy dress on, walks by me very slowly. She even had a flower crown one, like the precious crown of thorns our Saviour wore but with white flowers. Looking up at me intently this time, I couldn't take my gaze off of her. She opened her mouth and finally, she spoke and only her voice was heard in this dream.

She said, "Be happy...today is the day."

Everything faded to white.

The word HAPPY was the only visible thing I saw.

Then suddenly I saw the letters switch around and then it

was read: YAH-PPY


I am so overwhelmed by this dream that it just took so long to write and I am just worn out with such awe.

For your discernment EVERYONE hf grouphug hf


 Quoting: GodisWaiting4U


I had to repost my first Rapture dream from pg 85 on October 14, 2011 for our new ROOMmates but also for everyone to read in here hf

Here is a dream I had about the book of Daniel back in February:

2/17 – 2:55PM
Woke up with the Book of Daniel in a dream.  Also, the most astounding revelation came to me from when I prayed and asked the Lord about the rapture/heaven dream I had back on October 14th, 2011.  There was a couple in the dream who at first looked like Ossie Davis (12/18/17 – 2/4/05 at 87) and Ruby Dee (10/27/24).  But Ossie is now deceased and Ruby is still alive.  Whitney Houston (8/9/63 – 2/11/12) just died on February 11th and it truly it me hard.  I remembered the dream and felt a pull at that part and wondered if it was Whitney sitting next to Ossie instead.  They both died in hotel rooms exactly seven years and seven days apart!  I woke up with the name Dionne Warwick (12/12/40) instead!!  She is Whitney’s cousin too.  I’m not sure if the Lord gave me this name as the answer but she is alive.  I still have to pray for another confirmation.  Her name just wreaks of two clues, WAR & WICK…as in a wick of a candle.  Rest in Peace Whitney…

I left it at that...believing it was her name that appeared and the puns about the impending war. I will take this up in prayer tonight and see if I will hear from the Lord thru a dream or vision...if He allows it. When I read Dionne Warwick's name, I was prompted to look up the meaning of her name. According to meaning-of-names.com, it derives from "DIANA" (like the Princess?) and also the mythological Dione, the wife of Zeus and mother of Aphrodite, otherwise known as VENUS blink!! The last name Warwick meant from the actual location, where they have clam farms and fish traps!!

WOW right??!! Given the research I was led to do in the past few weeks in this subject, coupled with the mysteries behind the mermaids and the goddess/princess theme popping up especially in the Olympics, it boggles the mind!

Please take it up to the Lord everyone! I'm about to inhale now...will breathe out by sundown the 18th...give or take when I don't have to worry about it anymore wink...abduct

For your discernment as always! Love you all in Jesus Name hf!

 Quoting: BetteDavisEyes

**Repost from 9/16**

Regarding WAR and WICK...it looks like the candle's about to get LIT very soon oops2 !!

Have your oil lamps ready brothers & sisters :pray:

 Quoting: BetteDavisEyes

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