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Message Subject The ROOM...A Christian BrainStorming (((( Thread )))) Current Events...
Poster Handle MercyMe
Post Content

**Repost from 9/16**

Regarding WAR and WICK...it looks like the candle's about to get LIT very soon oops2 !!

Have your oil lamps ready brothers & sisters pray

 Quoting: BetteDavisEyes

Hi BDEyes! When you wrote, "Regarding WAR and WICK...it looks like the candle's about to get LIT very soon." It reminded me of what I've been reading on the 5 Doves site. Hanukkah this December, is considered a high, watch Rapture date. When I think of the word WICK, I think of candles, and when I think of candles, I'm reminded of the Hanukkah Menorah. It also looks like we might have WAR by that time also and I already think there is a spiritual battle going on in the Heavenlys. Anyway, thats what went through my mind when I read your post. Could the Rapture be only 3 weeks away? I sure hope so!

 Quoting: MercyMe

Hi MercyMe hf

I was just thinking the other day how Hanukkah starts much earlier this year...on December 8th as opposed to the 20th last year right? The candle wick of the menorah...now that's a thought! I keep going back to the singer's name and how it has other meanings too. Dionne sounds like D-ON...more like on D...D-Day to be exact! It's just a military term but it does tie with WAR. FIRE is needed to light up the wick, which is what I was getting at. It seems that a lot of the watchers now have had similar dreams/visions about FIRE. I have one more...her birth date: 12/12/12! It looks like that would be during the eight days of the Jewish feast! WOW...we just need to be prepared no matter what...here's to hope and much prayers to be worthy!
 Quoting: BetteDavisEyes

Take a look at the poster for the film Red Dawn:

[link to www.ineedmyfix.com]

Menorah? Candles? It certainly looks like it!

Then watch this clip...@:30, see the name of the high school on the scoreboard!

 Quoting: BetteDavisEyes

Wow! That was a good catch, spotting the name of that high-school! That's really quite a coincidence that the name is War-wick! It really seems kind of eiree, but I think you might have found a small piece of a very large puzzle! I wonder how many more pieces will be revealed before we see the large puzzle all put togeather?!!

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