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Message Subject The ROOM...A Christian BrainStorming (((( Thread )))) Current Events...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Another dream...are you all seeing the build-up to the 21st and possibly ONWARD?

I can't seem to catch up with writing them down as I get them with these tragic events! Joel 2:28 is in FULL FORCE... Praise the Lord for this!


12/4 - 2:06PM

I had this dream when I napped this morning. It was disturbing yet intriguing to say the least. I was at a huge outdoor parking lot. It could've been to a mall or stadium but strangely, it was for a CHURCH. At least that's what I got out of it. I was on a break for a job I had. I walked through the lot full of cars, seems like there were hundreds as far as the eyes can see. I stood on a ledge or terrace where I could oversee the entire lot. Then I appeared in a room and started to look for my purse. I panicked when I couldn't see where it was. I looked around frantically for it. I picked up my cell phone to call someone about it but I didn't know who it was. As I looked up and gestured in frustration at my missing purse, I caught a glimpse of it on top of a ledge in the room. I was close to my canopy bed in the dream and saw my purse hidden on top of the canopy. I was suddenly back outside on the terrace overlooking the parking lot. I walked down to the lot and came up to a building that looked like a makeshift church. It was the back entrance so I walked in to see a man standing alone in an empty room. He had very dark skin and seemed very distraught about something. The church looked more like a vacant, abandoned venue - not a typical setting for a church in town. I walked back outside and felt that the man followed me out. He was trying to reach out to me but I couldn't hear whether he was speaking to me or not. I saw a white van parked near the entrance on the lot. There was a woman sitting inside with her head down. She looked like a nun or possibly a Muslim woman with a head covering. As I got closer, I noticed she was holding a small baby in her arms. She placed the baby on her lap and started to wrap a blanket around it. She seemed very lethargic and started to sway as she finished wrapping the baby. I opened the van door and took the baby from her. The man went inside thru the backseat to sit down. I sat next to the woman in the driver's seat. All of a sudden, the woman fainted and fell to the floor of her seat. The man started to wail loudly, knowing that the woman just died. I cradled the baby closer in my arms, trying to stay calm in the midst of what just happened. It seems that the man was seeking for help but when I showed up, it was too late. I just stared at the baby while it was sleeping peacefully in my arms. The scene changed and I was back outside near the back entrance of the church. I saw a group of raven-haired, dark-skinned women and young girls. What was astounding about their presence was the dramatic contrast of their skin color against what they wore - WEDDING DRESSES made entirely of lace from head to toe. They didn't seem human tho...almost like stick figures! They looked like they came out as 3D versions of the Egyptian heiroglyphic figures! The women and girls were all wearing crowns and veils. The strangest thing of all was the material of these dresses and veils. There was a sudden breeze blowing by and the fabric started to crinkle like crumbled paper or thin hard plastic! They were all lined up, as if they were preparing for a procession into the church. The crinkle sound continued in the breeze. That was it!! WOW...END

 Quoting: BetteDavisEyes

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