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Message Subject The ROOM...A Christian BrainStorming (((( Thread )))) Current Events...
Poster Handle McGuyver
Post Content
GOOD DAY MY FRIENDS...My prayers are for GOD to bless you all in a special way in which only HE is capable of..........................How does a christian experience pleasure in this world?Well they put on blinders,confine their thoughts to immediate surroundings and feel good cause they work hard and have lots of nice things.Sure they read the word of GOD,but it stays on the page,because the world quickly turns their attention back to what their own little world calls out to them as an offering to their happiness.Every Sunday,they adorn themselves in their masks of their finest clothes and makeup,raise their hands in songs of praise,so all around can see how wonderful they are,then return to their beautiful possessions,chase their own vanity,give in to their own lustful desires,deny their thoughts of greediness,engage in fornication or carnal sex acts,enjoy tv programs with their children that promote the same lifestyle,and wonder why everyone else in the world can't live a GODLY life as they do.They rationalize,that because of their exceptence of JESUS,that GOD has bestowed his good graces upon them and they are deserveing of a happy life, full of wealth and worldly pleasures,without giving any consideration to the fact that they now live in the end times and what they are participating in is a fallen world.They think that they have put on blinders to evil things,but I say they have been blinded by evil.They pick and choose what they wish to accept of GOD'S word,and take delight in that which they choose to ignore.These things I say,are not meant as hate towards any christians but because what I described above,was GOD'S chastisement of me.Who I was as a christian,who I no longer desire to be,and I thank GOD for bringing me to my knees,or I never would of woken up to the road I was traveling down.Only thru the power of JESUS,have I been able to turn from sin.I am a constant work in progress,and I need HIM every second of every day,for I am nothing without HIM,but another lost sheep trying to make my way in a fallen world.COME SOON LORD!!! [link to www.youtube.com] hf
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