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Message Subject The ROOM...A Christian BrainStorming (((( Thread )))) Current Events...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Prayer Warriors!

I feel led to pray for 5 year old Ethan to be released safely from the bunker. Please say a prayer for him. My heart aches for him. I pray that the Lord opens the heart of his captor and realizes how much that boy needs to be with his parents.

'Please release Ethan': Police plead with 'survivalist killer' holding five-year-old hostage in underground bunker as stand-off enters fourth day but they fear he has enough supplies to last for MONTHS

-Jimmy Lee Dykes, 65, allegedly stormed a school bus when it stopped to let off students and said he had to take two children hostage
-When driver Charles Poland Jr, 66, tried to stop Dykes, the gunman allegedly opened fire and killed him
-Dykes took an autistic boy, 5, with him and retreated to a makeshift bunker he dug in the ground
-Boy is watching TV and has received medications through a PVC pipe that sticks out of the ground and runs into the fortified hovel

[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]

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