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Message Subject The ROOM...A Christian BrainStorming (((( Thread )))) Current Events...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Rough night last night...huffy

I don't want to jump into conclusions but I had another 'presence' last night.

Last time I felt something strong like this...a few days before Sandy Hook blink

I wasn't the only one...my older son felt it too.

I just opened my eyes up...probably around dawn...and felt it immediately. My head started spinning but I was laying still on my pillow. I was wondering why the vertigo I've been getting just came on suddenly while I was sound asleep. As I tried to get comfortable, it wouldn't go away and my heart just started pounding. I felt like I was FALLING the whole time. It would be more like sinking since I was laying flat on my bed. I started to pray and rebuke the presence. I was so scared but I was just as tired so I was falling back asleep as I rebuked the spirit that was there. I fell asleep at some point and then the worst thing happened.

Later this morning around 7:30AM, my husband and I SHOT UP out of our beds when we were jolted awake from my older son screaming to come to his room. I sat there holding my chest as my husband ran to see what happened. He calmed my son down and brought him over to our room...trying not to wake up my other son since he actually slept thru that moment.

He told us he had a bad dream but his head is now hurting and was aching all over...especially his legs. We felt his head and it was really warm...101.7 to be exact. He said he had some type of bad dream but forgot what it was about. Whatever it was, it woke him up the same way.

We had a typical day yesterday visiting my in-laws outside of NYC but he did have a cough for a few days. The freezing weather we've been having hasn't helped either.

So now he's sick and I have slight chest pains from that frightened moment. My younger son and husband are fine thank God.

It could be that I had a premonition that my son was going to get sick...or it could be something else.

Please keep us in prayer...thanks for letting me vent and post this for all to read...we must not ignore these warnings...like I said, trying not to make it a big deal out of it but it just so happens to be GAMEDAY...oops2

Praying for everyone's safety :pray:
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