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Message Subject The ROOM...A Christian BrainStorming (((( Thread )))) Current Events...
Poster Handle Keep2theCode
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On the whole,the American Church has been mostly ineffective.The Church sat mute when God was expelled from America’s public life in the 1960s.It sat mute when the government gave license to the premeditated murder of preborn babies in the 1970s.And today it continues to sit mute in the face of a burgeoning police state and the destruction of marraige.There seems to be virtually no abridgment of liberty,no national scandal,or no threat against our constitutional form of government egregious enough to warrant an outcry from America’s pastors and churches.

For the most part,today’s pastors are not prophets and watchmen;they are cheerleaders and CEOs.Our churches are not “the pillar and ground of the truth,they are centers of social interaction,recreation,and feel-good indoctrination. Preachers are not reprovers,rebukers,and exhorters,they are ear-ticklers,entertainers,and expositors of irrelevance. What good does it do to teach the stories of Daniel and the lions’ den,and the three Hebrew children in the burning fiery furnace,and Esther,and John the Baptist,and Elijah, and Simon Peter saying, “We must obey God rather than men,” ,if you are not going to apply those stories to the practical,day-to-day events we are experiencing now?What good does it do to preach expository messages on the Bible if one does not make those messages relevant to the times and circumstances in which we live?Yet,ear-tickling, entertainment,and irrelevant exposition seem to be what the modern church in America excels in.The result:ineffective, impotent,weak,unprepared,and sheepish christians,who for the life of them can not figure out why they are mocked and called hypocrites.

Christians in persecuted lands are not enamored with entertainment,recreation,and irrelevant Bible exposition. You don’t have to bring in some big-name rock band to entice them to fellowship.You don’t have to give their teenagers a big gymnasium.You don’t have to give their young adults coffee shops and espresso machines.You don’t have to shy away from criticisms of tyrannical government.And you certainly are not going to score any points with your fallacious “obey-the-government-no-matter-what” interpretation of Romans 13. The time is soon coming in this country when it is going to “rain on the just and on the unjust.” When persecution and tribulation comes to America(and it has already begun),you and your family will NOT be exempt.When a jetliner falls out of the sky,everyone in it(Christian or not)goes down with the plane.And when a nation falls,everyone in it(Christian or not)goes down with the country.Everyday I mourn for the condition of the country I live in,while I watch my fellow christians continue to revel in it.Sin has become the accepted way of life now and I am convinced that there is only one hope of escape from it.
 Quoting: McGuyver


Of course, I also pray for God's protection on his REAL followers through all of this, and expect to see more and more miracles as we near the time of our departure.

I don't put much stock in most dreams and prophecies, as they are largely failed and continually reinterpreted as a result. But I have the general impression that just prior to our departure, something will impact the moon and rain down meteors on the earth, particularly the US. And in the moment between seeing what's about to happen and when it actually reaches earth. we Christians will be sought out for last-minute witnessing... and we'd better know what that is.
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