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Message Subject The ROOM...A Christian BrainStorming (((( Thread )))) Current Events...
Poster Handle McGuyver
Post Content
Thus the time has come to test the hearts of His children.Prepare yourselves.The hour is nigh.Oil your lamps. For we are the light of this world.Whose light has become dim.The time of His arrival is at hand.Seek Jesus with all your heart,all your body,and all your soul.Repent all ye sinners,for our time is drawing short.Our Lust,vanity,love of money,anger,unforgiveness,vengefullness,are temptations used to lead us astray.They are illusions used to lead us away from a spiritual path and into the things of a material nature.Is it not written?Do not seek the things of this world,but seek the things of the spirit.Woe unto them who took the commandments of God,and changed them into the commandments of man.For they are fulfilling the prophecy of this weak and sinful generation,wherein we speak close to the ear of God but our hearts are miles away.They don't know Him.Therefore He will not know them.They know the ways of the world but do not know His ways.They determine the times of the season,but can not determine the signs of His coming.They have turned His house of prayer,into a den of thieves,just like the pharisees did. [link to www.youtube.com] hf
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