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Time Travel Impossible, Say Scientists. [[Why is thie Misleading Article Everywhere now}}

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1330824
United States
07/26/2011 02:05 PM
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Time Travel Impossible, Say Scientists. [[Why is thie Misleading Article Everywhere now}}
I watched it start up on laughable websites, then it moved on to more reputable websites, then the Radio, then TV, and its on sites like Discovery now.
I'm completely dumbfounded by this... Is this really how stupid our media is?

This hasn't been made as a statement by any reputable scientific body...Only 2 guys in Hong Kong... Nothing is even really said about time travel.. ITS ABOUT SPEED OF LIGHT. Which is a 1980s Star Trek education...
(Time travel left that arena over a decade ago.)

The title is seriously offensively incorrect and misleading.

We know for a FACT now that time travel IS VERY possible. (Its simply argued and debated as in how far and which direction.)And our understanding of time has improved so much.
Im just dumbfounded that this is hitting the ears and eyes of people. Its a tragedy because it makes me wonder what else we're teaching...

FACT: Everytime you look into space your looking back in time. If that was the only observation or fact of time travel; meaning if we were to be so black n white and base time travel only off of speed. Even w/o faster then light speed you could still navigate time. Many theorize that we won't even use such tech and probably push on to bending space now...Which actually means in a manner of speaking you could go even faster and farther now.

Speed is just one way of doing this in time travel theory...and so even with this finding its still possible in a manner of speed. (most scientist pulled away from this line of thought long ago)
But speed is just 1 of many ways now lol; yet they boldly say time travel not possible. o.0

I mean our mainstream scientists have even publicly admitted that the Universe is multi dimensional now... Meaning if you look out into space your not just looking at uncountable possibility but those possibility multiplied by another uncountable number. If you can dream it; its out there.

Some of these articles even use Einstein. They are twisting things to fit this finding. He never said that time travel wasn't possible; he actually proved it was *scratches head...Throwing lightspeed together and his comments on that is not the truth of his thinking.

Sorry to rant; its just in my thinking that our future evolved self's (and getting there) we'll come to understand life/time much better; they will live as part of time rather then slaves to it.) Our entire life here on Earth is based on a cave man concept of relational time. Only relevant to our position and day to day life. But hog wash to the universe and limited boundaries forced on us.

Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 1330824
United States
07/26/2011 02:06 PM
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Re: Time Travel Impossible, Say Scientists. [[Why is thie Misleading Article Everywhere now}}
Sry for typos in a hurry