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oslo killer zionist isreali link

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United Kingdom
07/27/2011 05:18 AM
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oslo killer zionist isreali link

Behring was known to have links to Zionism and was an open supporter of the Zionist State in Palestine, also descibing his political views as "anti-racist" and "pro-homosexual" in online writings.[7] For instance, he regularly contributed to the website Document.no, which is ran by Hans Rustad, a Jewish ultra-Zionist and liberal, who has however warned about Islamisation.[7] Some nationalists tend to regard the immigration problem as purposefully implemented, by the people with the same worldview as Rustad to elicit support for Zionism in Europe. Rustad is an opponent of freedom of speech and supports laws against World War II revisionists in relation to the six-million claim.[7]

Youth campers at Utøya the day before the massacre, Boikott Israel ("Boycott Israel") banner.[8]
Soon after the attacks, alternative medias began to speculate whether the alleged perpetrator was really a "lone nut" or a patsy for a plan of higher significance.[9] Specifically in relation to Zionism and potential Mossad involvement, the bombing and shooting spree took place on the sixty-fifth anniversary of the King David Hotel bombing;[10] a terrorist attack against anti-Zionist ethnic Europeans. Both events were reported as having killed almost exactly the same number of people; with figures in the 90s.[11] The bombing part of the campaign, carried out in Oslo, was against the buildings of the oil ministry;[12][13] this choice conflicts with the later media white-wash, which attempted to portray his motivation as based on "immigration". Commentators,[9] have mentioned the fact that, a year earlier, "Oslo excluded two Israeli firms from a 450 billion Euro oil fund for ethical reasons".[9][14]

Under the Arbeiderpartiet government (whose youth wing were shot at Utøya in the massacre), there had been other strains in relations between Norway and the self-described state of Israel, providing further potential political motivation.[15] In March 2011, the junior partner in the Norwegian government, the Sosialistisk Venstreparti, had called for military action against the Zionists if they acted against Hamas in Gaza.[15] Norway had also been one of the states leading the way in the recognition of Palestine. A couple of days before the attacks, Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre confirmed that after talks with Mahmoud Abbas he had agreed to recognise Palestinian independence at the UN.[16][17] The day before the attack, Støre had visited the campers at Utøya, and gave a well recieved rousing anti-Zionist speech to the youths; saying that Palestine must be recognised, the occupation ended and the walls demolished.[18][19] Media depicted campers with signs saying Boikott Israel ("Boycott Israel")[8] and there were others with youths waving Palestinian flags.

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United States
07/29/2011 05:35 PM
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Re: oslo killer zionist isreali link
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