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Subject has NASA WISE discovered Nemesis/Tyche yet? they said last year they would release results in 2011.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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i havenet been following WISE since last year, when NASA announced that WISE completed its IR survey of the entire sky. and will announce the results sometime in 2011. it is now late july. NASA said if theres a dark brown dwarf within proximity , WISE will detect it. and will either elliminate or confirm the rumor of a small dark second sun.

NASA even renamed this entity, calling it Tyche, instead of Nemesis. to make it sound friendlier and not scare people. so did NASA WISE find Tyche? NASA also said the second sun might even already be in its catalog of stars but wasnt known as the second sun in question.

so i want to know, did WISE find the dark brown dwarf, our second sun, Tyche?
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