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Message Subject has NASA WISE discovered Nemesis/Tyche yet? they said last year they would release results in 2011.
Poster Handle Astromut
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 Quoting: rkingpin

Preliminary results from 2011 were not too promising...
[link to meetingorganizer.copernicus.org]
"Based on the theoretical models of Burrows et al. [2]
we have searched the WISE Preliminary Catalog,
which covers 57% of the sky, for evidence of a 4.5
Gyr old (1-4) MJ planet in the outer Oort cloud. The
search was restricted to sources lying within 10
degrees of a previously identified great circle [7]. No
candidate objects were identified."
That was only for the first half of the data. The other half has since been released and is no doubt being searched by Matese and Whitmire right now. Here's their contact info if you want to pester them:
[link to www.ucs.louisiana.edu]
[link to www.ucs.louisiana.edu]
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