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There is a Stargate Portal in my House (I Need a Stargate Expert)

User ID: 1485682
07/28/2011 05:24 AM
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There is a Stargate Portal in my House (I Need a Stargate Expert)
If you are Open minded please read on
If you are NOT this is not for you

Physics already proove Paralell dimensions exists
[link to www.foxnews.com]

So Why Would Creating Stargate Portal not be possible

Here is my Story:

I live in a Building in a top floor
the floor above is nothing but a closed engine door to the elevator room

One day watching through my door i saw someone walking up the stairs and i though it was the elevator engineers
but some days later i saw someone else walked up the same stairs it was then I began to suspect something was not right.

As days went by now and then people walked up that stairs for some minuts before comming down.

It was then While i dont remember how the idea of a Stargate portal in the stairs or floor above me hit me

I dont know why i started to think about it i just did.

I pay a rent for my house every month and houseowner comes home to me and pick it up.
He always ring the bell in the 1st floor portal and then take the elevator up

When i open the door I have a Bad habbit of peeking through the hole in the door and when the house owner comes out of the elevator and right before he touch the doorbell open the door before he managed to touch the bell.

Now, what happened was one day after he rang the bell
He did not used the elevator but walked the stairs instead
I expected him to walk right toward my doors as always
But instead....

He Run up the Stair toward the enginee room.
I open the door and catch him infraganti when he comes down.

He was Nervous that I had seen him walking up that stairs
And made up this extremely weird excuse

"I Think i saw a Shadow in the stairs so i checked it out"

On that moment... I believe he did have seen a shadow but that shadow was something that had come out of the stargate

Now what happened today was even stranger
2 of the Neighbours went up that Stairs to the elevator room

one of them moved their hand up to the roof and down like asking the other if the THING would fit or how Tall it was from bottom to top

Anyway Both walked up the stairs and i could hear them talking but could not grab what they was talking about

They was talking up there like 5 minuts
then their voice got fainter and fainter and then They disapeared, i could not hear them any longer

They never returned back from the stairs and there is no other exit unless they Jammed up the closed Engineer door and Jumped down the elevator shaft something I would have have heard as that would have made a lot of noise....

So what happened is they Activated the Stargate or the stargate portal activated and they went through

I know some can have hard to believe this
What i am asking for is a Stargate portal expert

I am going to try myself to activate the stargate and I want sugestion from expert that has done this before how I can proceed.

I believe i would need some very advanced technology to decloaok and activate the stargate but... Then how could my neighbours do it so fast and easy....

I though about using Magnets to detect the stargate but i dont have any magnets

I also though about if using the mobile phone near it could trigger it?

Thing is IF there is a stargate there i dont know where it is, if is near the enginee room door, if is on the wall or in the stair itself or the roof

So first I have to detect the stargate then try to activate it.

For now i am planning using the Flash of my Digital camera to see if i record some unknown energy and i can try to use the mobile phone nearby... or even wait see if something happen..

But chances are low that I activate or even discover where it is.

I apreciate your help on this matter

And No, This is not a joke is searious
and Yes it is kept secret I havent told anyone about it
Except here on GLP