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Message Subject For you people who complain about "Orbs Of Light" UFO video's coming in worldwide not showing an actual "craft"?
Poster Handle Cowonymous Anard
Post Content
Great post, now i see i have activated this "orb state" of being once or twice in this life. It's the way to true freedom and purity.
I always knew we didn't need spacecrafts and other man made machines to go around, it just doesn't make sense.
We are born as a whole being.
Trying to be less and think less makes you be more, carry less weight around and be more aware of the realm and free in the cosmic creation.

We are already whole, we just need to wake up to the notion.
The fear of not being good enough sits in our consciousness very deep, still we can throw it over board and focus on the love that we are.

To be really free!

Thanks for sharing.
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