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Message Subject For you people who complain about "Orbs Of Light" UFO video's coming in worldwide not showing an actual "craft"?
Poster Handle Michael Lee Hill (MLH)
Post Content
You people are so stuck in your pre-conceived notions of what a real UFO is.
 Quoting: Michael Lee Hill (MLH)

Give us something other than vids of planes at night, and people might stop laughing in your face...


 Quoting: SnakeAirlines

To bad the FAA and actual local Airports don't agree with you!


FAA & Cleveland Airports report Lake Erie UFO's Not In Normal Flight Paths, Not Showing Up On Radar and Nothing They Are Doing!!!

MSNBC contacted the FAA and all local Cleveland Airports who said These objects are not in normal flight paths, that none of these objects were anyhting they were doing and these objects were not showing up on any of the airports radar as well!

You are such a known shill, You keep trying to peddle your disinfo even when the facts clearly prove you wrong!


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