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Message Subject For you people who complain about "Orbs Of Light" UFO video's coming in worldwide not showing an actual "craft"?
Poster Handle Aman
Post Content
well MLH i don't know about any of that but wht i do know is i have had teh closest encounter with a "UFO" of anyone i know of or have read of.

i can tell you with no doubt in my mind that it was a bronze, convex-bottomed disk. could have been no more than 1000ft directly over head and stared at me, and i at it, for more that five minutes. then it just began to slide off to the South is a very meandering way.

i know, same old story with no pics but let me tell you why i have no pics, because i was afraid it would be gone when i came back out.

i have also seen three times the white-light "UFO" most commonly seen and videoed. i saw one move from cygnus to the star vega and just stop, then dissappear.

satellite? no, because as i watched and perhaps ten minutes later in the exact spot it dissappeared, it flashed.

my mother and i also saw one moving directly overhead from West to East being trailed by an aircraft of military nature. As we watched it turned from white to pink to red and was gone, however we could still see the trailing aircraft.

don't know what they are but i have had my share of seeing them.
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