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Message Subject THE ECONOMY & YOU # (Daily Updated Videos & Articles)
Poster Handle RoXY
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Italy and Greece: Rule by the Bankers - "Technocratic governments" ruling on behalf of financial markets
by Michael Roberts
Global Research, Socialist Project and Thenextrecession.wordpress.com
November 13, 2011

Both Greece and Italy will be ruled by so-called ‘technocratic’ governments. Even though both Greek prime minister George Papandreou and Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi were elected comfortably in parliamentary polls and were never defeated in any vote of confidence in parliament, they have been ousted – to be replaced by unelected ex-central bankers and former executives of hedge funds and investment banks. From now on, financial markets will rule directly over the lives of the Italian and Greek people.

Democracy should be put above markets, said Papandreou. Berlusconi said that the appointment of a government of technocrats would be “an undemocratic coup” that ignored the 2008 election result. But it is still happening. In Greece, Lucas Papademos will become prime minister. He was head of the Greek central bank when Greece joined the euro and boasts of his leading role in achieving that. Now he takes over in order to keep Greece in the euro, a decision that now President Nicolas Sarkozi says was “a mistake.” Papademos was in charge when Greek officials lied about their fiscal position to the EU authorities and he presided over the failure of the Greek government to collect taxes from rich Greeks (like himself). But he is now the financial markets’ own man. Greece is to be run by the very man most responsible for getting them into this mess. It's like Alan Greenspan taking over as President of the United States after Wall Street demanded President Obama step down for failing to cut entitlement spending enough to balance the budget!

CONTINUE AT: [link to globalresearch.ca]
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