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Message Subject THE ECONOMY & YOU # (Daily Updated Videos & Articles)
Poster Handle RoXY
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Commodities Futures Options Broker Closes Operations
(Because of the hopeless corruption stacked against customers wanting honest dealing when speculating on the (China-owned) Chicago Merchanitle Exchange which dominates commodities futures.)
By Dick Eastman

(Broker Ann Barnhardt's letter follows below)

Let me point out, however, that if American middle-class investors pull out of the futures market, international finance will take ownership off all food and strategic commodities for a song. We are not taking merely about stopping the making of bets in a game, we are talking about ownership of next years world food supply. Everyone is thinking about their portfolio and the risk -- no one is thinking of ownership and control of the real capital which allows continued production -- namely food and fuel and raw materials.

CONTINUE AT: [link to www.rense.com]
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