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Message Subject THE ECONOMY & YOU # (Daily Updated Videos & Articles)
Poster Handle humanitech
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Economic Armageddon and You
Wondering about the American economy? This animated video explains inflation, stagflation, recession and more, all in 5 minutes.

 Quoting: RoXY

Sadly without proper transparency and regulation..capitalism is just one large corrupt ponzy scheme that favours those at the top...who can manipulate, take full advatange and always weather the artificial recessions, regional disparities, wars and market conditions they control.

It's a tired old elite hierarchal game that always leads to the same negatives ...that the masses end up suffering and footing the bill...often loosing their lives and livelihoods to boot, especially when the depressions and wars come..and they will soon be here.

But as each regional country clings to the dogmas and false beliefs of their respective elites...nobody realises that the elites interests and agendas have always been global and not regional...so they have homes and hidy holes everywhere in case the public or those they don't control catch up with their criminal cartels and wake up to the truth, of their collective corruption and duplicity (often with the artificial enemies they create LOL). ...not that it changes much..as dumb arsed humans really think they are free to choose,,and therefore love their artificial leaders hierarchies, traditions and polarised ideologies.

Ironnically more than each others real happiness, security and equality..go figure just how sad and deluded that really is LOL.
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