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Message Subject THE ECONOMY & YOU # (Daily Updated Videos & Articles)
Poster Handle RoXY
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No the average people will have problems affording food. But let's look to Argentina as they have gone through this several times as well as other S. American countries as example. Yes there will be hard times, but the point is TPTB have lost control of our financial system and it is going to crash. This is a time for rebirth and to try and make things equitable for everyone. "We the people" are resourceful and intelligent. We just have to apply our skills in a compassionate way and we will overcome and be better off for it.

I'm afraid TPTB are fully in control of our financial system...

Goldman Sachs - The European Inside Job

Goldman Sachs - The European Inside Job

(And the articles at Page 3)

US Budget Panel Fails to Reach Deficit-Cutting Agreement
by Patrick Martin

The Roads To War And Economic Collapse
by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Thomas Rustici talks to Alasdair Macleod about the Fed and Gold

Bankers have seized Europe: Goldman Sachs Has Taken Over

by Paul Craig Roberts

Bilderberg Leader Mario Monti Takes Over Italy in 'Coup'
by Alex Newman
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