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Message Subject THE ECONOMY & YOU # (Daily Updated Videos & Articles)
Poster Handle RoXY
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The Victorian Age, the Imperialist Mindset and Neo-liberal Corporate Capitalism - A History Lesson
by William Bowles
December 25, 2011
Strategic Culture Foundation

I don't remember much about my high school years. Some of the highs (few in number) come back to me but it was mostly lows which probably explains why I don't remember much. It's not that I was dumb, I just had no motivation, but I was interested in history, jazz and politics (thanks to my parents) and even won a prize for a history essay as well as starting up the school's first jazz appreciation society (not appreciated by the school I might add, the head of music tore down my posters).

But after a few years at school, I gave up trying at pretty much everything except building a working model of a steam engine, which I inherited from who knows how many previous generations of students. I added some copper steam tubes to the boiler and then left Wandsworth Comprehensive, at pretty much the same time as the steam engine all but disappeared from the British landscape.

For obvious reasons some aspects of life at school do stand out. I remember for example that our one official 'history' text book ended at 1914 and I wondered why (after all, it was the 1960s)? Revealing inadvertently perhaps, just how deeply imperialist thinking is embedded in British culture. 1914 was if you like, the 'official' date on which the British Empire ended.

The Imperialist mindset is not confined to just one sector of British society, it exists even within what passes for a left here. It's why successive so-called Labour governments have continued to carry out imperialist policies without missing a beat and found large segments of the Left supporting said Labour governments (with 'reservations' of course).

Continue: [link to globalresearch.ca]
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