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Message Subject THE ECONOMY & YOU # (Daily Updated Videos & Articles)
Poster Handle Marxist
Post Content
The Permanent Unemployment Economy
By James Hall
September 05, 2012

The official underreporting of the unemployment statistics is a well-known fact. The cavalier dismissal of the systemic dismantling of the market economy by the Obama administration is undeniable. Notwithstanding, the lack of living wage jobs is not simply a partisan issue. Ever since the adoption of the globalist free trade betrayal, the national suicide of the free enterprise economy has continued. Transiting skilled employees into government dependents is an overt component of the “New Age” of reduced wealth and servitude for the ordinary American.

Consider the logic of the consequences of off shoring our manufacturing base. Once the jobs are gone, the prospects for good paying substitution jobs become rare. Without the ability to sell value added products generated from meaningful margins, affording generous pay scales of a prosperous middle class is impossible.

CONTINUE: [link to www.globalresearch.ca]
 Quoting: RoXY

This article speaks of confusion of epic proportions. On the one hand, speaking of the market economy, and on the other, construing this paradigm from a simplistic nationalism.

Then decrying the globalising of the capital that outflows from this market for the loss this brings to premium cost labour...when the market, for being private, constantly seeks options for settling within lower labour cost zones (as a consequence of the natural withering of the state (or market driven state minimilisation.))

The final tragedy is in failing to recognise that these are the early days in the standardisation of global living standards for the labouring classes, whilst ensuring both their continued capacity to deliver labour surplus as well as their continued ability to transform this surplus as consumer.
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