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Message Subject "Find the Others..."
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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In the words of Terence McKenna "find the others, find the others, then you will know what to do." All the answers and all the questions are there. Do not make groups, do not make symbols, do not create new names for yourselves. Naming yourselves or that which you choose to change will cause limitation. The I Ching says "never confront evil directly, never name it directly, because it finds weapons and words to defend its self." you are not an army so the strategy must be stealth.

What is meant by stealth? Stealth as in subversiveness "all truth which springs from the individual is subversive." That which is opposed is almost impossible to escape. It is not inescapable, but not escapable by physically running away from it into the woods or by mentally rejecting and projecting the histeroma onto something or someone other. Chances are that you are already immersed in it, identify with it, or perpetuate it by participation(weather unwilling or not); this is not bad, for the best way to create, transform, or transmute something is to do that from within. Just like a flower does not get rid of a seed by replacing it with its self, but does so by coming out of it.

Technology that has been designed to exploit us, for tracking us, to pick our pockets, and to sell/addict us [to] junk we do not want or need are the tools that are to be used for subversive art. A dollar bill and a tax form become a canvas; a job becomes a place for social networking; a dirt lot or your front lawn becomes a garden.

The only way out is froward its impossible to go back,  its a froward escape; like a child being born it can not go back to the womb. Collective human civilization is being born we can not go back to the African plains/cradle of man. global warming, the nuclear arms race, deforestation, and the pollution of rivers and the human body are the birthing pains. Our ancestors persevered as far as they did so that we could be wherever we are now; our primitive ancestors did not have paved roads, did not have GPS, flue vaccines, or thermal polyester shirts. They did not have what we now have and they made it, they didn't give up. It is our responsibility today as it was their responsibility 10,000 years ago.

Philosophy is a noncompetative team sport. Sometimes it is imperative that a generation totally comes together to do what it is needed. It is never clear just what needs to be done or how it is going to be accomplished. The 60`s was the last massive attempt at an alchemical transmutation through artistic expression; what will it be this time, only we can choose. Let the mass grid of foreclosed and abandoned homes become headquarters and gathering places to practice this art; turn their unused land into gardens. Pump out massive ammounts of subversive art!

Find the others, find the others and then you will know what to do

[link to www.shroomery.org]

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