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"ARC" and ELININ (or How People are Easily Fooled--Too Easily)

User ID: 1495253
United States
08/05/2011 06:23 PM
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"ARC" and ELININ (or How People are Easily Fooled--Too Easily)
I'm resurrecting this old post because this "company" and the resultant conclusions drawn by the "we hope the world is ending because we can't think of anything else" crowd are resurfacing as part of the package of evidence of evil-doings. "American Reassurance Communities" is completely nonsense:

It seems like hyperbole to call it a "Great Deception", when even those searching for truth are so easily fooled. In fact, it would appear that a "Mediocre Deception" is more than adequate to keep the "enlightened" masses spending and chasing their tails.

Take the extraordinary number of references to "American Reassurance Communities", including a nonsensical telephone call used as "proof" of the incoming ELE celestial body. There is absolutely no record of ARC in any D&B, Hoovers, Lexis Nexus, or other database, an impossibility for any company that boast the sales, mandate, and profile of this one. It does not exist. Their website is hosted on an Intuit Webserver, built with Intuit SiteBuilder, as if they were a home business with little funding. Not a single legal disclaimer on their small and uninformative site. Not even a copyright. In fact, all the information on the site appears to be general history of bunker development overall, with some pictures that are clearly related to other projects.

The contact information includes a phone number that has only been in use since January: 800-3813454 "In Use since 2011 for a customer of Qwest ". This hardly appears to be the hallmark of a long-standing enterprise with millions of dollars of sales and a backlog of orders.

The email address returns to 'acaigen.com' and immediately forwards to [link to www.macarosea.com] which hustles some sort of health product, and is also an intuit-generated do-it-yourself website. Neither site has secured .org, .net, or any of the other standards typically registered to protect a name brand. This site also lacks copyrights, legal disclaimers, etc.

A Federal Tax ID number has never been issued for any of these companies. This a scam, a ridiculous one at that, and that it would be cited by so many earnest searchers of clarity as evidence related to government operations concerning an ELE event really reflects how low our collective threshold has dropped when it comes to recognizing the face of the lie. By citing obvious hustlers, you discredit any useful evidence that may surface---an essential tactic of psyops, as it is easier to take a potentially recognized truth and redirect the perception than it is to eliminate the truth.

Pretty silly, people. Honestly, you've got to spend more time seeking the truth instead of proving your own internally generated religions. I've seen this referenced in thousands of ELININ searches. Lies do not counter lies--in fact, they ably assist them. For those who are intelligent enough to escape the filters, be prepared to stand alone. It's thin-pickings for the critical mind out there.
JBelowtheV (OP)
User ID: 1495253
United States
08/05/2011 07:12 PM
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Re: "ARC" and ELININ (or How People are Easily Fooled--Too Easily)
archbunkers.com (not arcbunkers) is also used. Feel free to call the infamous "Mr. Lawhorne" and see if he will sell you a bunker...or perhaps a bridge...

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