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Message Subject What does the pyramid symbolize in the illuminati?
Poster Handle humanitech
Post Content
Is it like the cross with Jesus, and now Satan its a pyramid? what does it mean?
 Quoting: dudeguyman

It falsely represents the visual ponzy scheme of all hierarchal control systems and their elitist doctrines...not just for the illuminati..but for every other form of elitist social, religious and political doctrine.

However, ironically it is not accurate picture and representation, because throughout history the truth is that 1% of the world’s population still own and controls approx. 50% of the planets wealth and resources...so it is more pertinent to look at and use the Egyptian obelisk needles that flanges out to a huge flat base (of poverty at the bottom) ..which is the true reality of all our man made government and social economic systems around the world. The stat’s are widely available for those wanting to confirm reality.

One day, I hope the masses will stop looking up with awe and admiration at all these thieves, murderers and crooks..and finally try to historic level the playing field of mass injustice and manipulation...instead of warring with each other over their false doctrines and effects. As the biggest evil in all of humanity and civilisation, was the introduction and consolidation of fake hierarchies... and that most definitely includes most religions and charities too.
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