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Comet Elenin--will its unmasking be our undoing? 2 hr. audio

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08/07/2011 10:00 AM
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Comet Elenin--will its unmasking be our undoing? 2 hr. audio
[link to www.blogtalkradio.com]

PANEL: Ed Douglas and Richard Goodwin of the PlanetxTownHall.com, Comet Elenin Research Team

As Comet Elenin approaches its closest point to the Earth, could it become the Blue Star Kachina mentioned in Hopi Prophecy? Many believe so and for a similar reason as Mayan elders, who in 2007, declared Comet Holmes (17P/Holmes) to be the Blue Star Kachina of Hopi Prophecy, although Hopi elders never took a public stand on Comet Holmes.

So is Comet Elenin a young and relatively uninteresting comet, as official sources maintain, or is there a hidden twist?

Comet Holmes (17P/Holmes) was discovered in 1892 as the result of an unexpected flare and eruption. In 2007, it did the same thing as it approached the asteroid belt and it brightened a millionfold overnight in November of that year. This unexpected onset of this brightening corresponded to one critical aspect of the prophecy. That the Blue Kachina will unmask itself, but is that enough?

Here is the rub. Comet Holmes never came closer to the Earth than the asteroid belt, whereas Comet Elenin Comet Elenin does cross Earth's orbit. So what happens if Comet Elenin, surprises us with unexpected flare and eruption in the same way that Comet Holmes did? This is the critical question the Planet X Town Hall Comet Elenin Research Group addresses in this show.

The team will also address the theory that Comet Elenin is dark star or planet given new findings now of astronomers. They used Asteroid 1999 RQ176 for their experiment, and their finding is that Comet Elenin lacks the mass to be anything more than what it is - a comet.

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