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Message Subject I think it is funny how a bunch of gel haired man-hags at SP change something in a computer and people go apeshit
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I was wondering,thinking the same thing. Who voted for them to be judge,jury and exacutioner? When more shtf it will be the fault of everyone who took these guys serious.

I wonder who they work for. They aren't really anything more than a publishing company.

I can't help but remember that it was only two men that caused the bank run a few years back by spreading rumors.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1071695

This might be the first time in history the nation with the largest economy in the world and also the largest and most projected military in the world, with reasonable stability at home, has trembled because of the decision of a few people in a room armed with nothing but communications devices.

The world SERIOUSLY should be wondering how we got ourselves into this predicament. putin
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