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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Worth watching from Robert Kiyosaki about a month ago.

Today, get out some money. If things work out, then you simply have some cash on hand. Do a little grocery shopping, get only food that you will consume. No matter what having two weeks of food on hand is a prudent thing to do.

For about $200, you can buy a portable solar collector from some place like a discount tool shop. Get an inverter too. I bought mine a long time ago for half of that. Hook up the collector to trickle charge a battery, and then use the inverter to convert dc to ac. Practice doing this. You can use it to charge up the battery in your car very easily, but ideally a marine battery will last longer. This will allow you to recharge batteries for electronic devices, for things like flashlights, radios, but more importantly a laptop computer.

Use a laptop, or something cheap like a Kindle to store pdf files like home schooling material. Kindles or alternative readers can display those files, but you'll need some means of storing them like a USB hard drive. A laptop is a multi-use device. Think how great it will be to listen to music on rare occasions, or watch a DVD if there is no power.

This is a very small investment for your family.

What will tell you that things are reaching a critical point? If you enter a store, and they won't take your credit card or debit card. That's when things will be getting bad. We're clearly not there yet. If you wait until the last minute though, then you will not be able to create a portable resource for teaching your children and yourself.

There are many free resources on old skills on the Web. Now would be a great time to stop downloading useless things, and download some practical information to help your family just in case.

Have some cheap way to store water just in case. Strong and cheap plastic bins will work in a pinch, and can do double duty by storing things in the interim. A better way is to buy food grade buckets with lids, or even better a food grade 55 gallon drum. More if you can afford it.

I know these sound extreme. Believe me, if things do go bad, even for only two weeks, and you have food, clean water, a means of maintaining normalcy like music, videos, and education for your children, then things will go much smoother.

Everyone should have a backpack even a cheap by strong daypack will be extremely helpful should you have to bug out. Bugging out should be your last resort if things are bad all over. You are prey because likely any highways that you would travel upon would likely be closed off by citizens in those remote rural towns, as well as controlled by National Guard units seeking to control an influx. Someone desperate will want to take any supplies you have as they will be much more valuable than your money.
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