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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

If things get dire, and people are desperate, they will make foolish decisions, which will only exacerbate the situation, spinning it out of control, and rioting will occur.

21st Century people are used to going to the grocery every three-four days to re-supply. Supply chains allow this to occur as restocking happens continually, but mostly during off peak times. If there are issues with supply chains due to uncertainty, then there may be issues with pricing. Retailers will have no idea how high to price their items, but price controls might initially be imposed, which will ultimately be ignored. If people have no money and no credit, and supplies are limited, they will eventually riot.

Under such conditions, sleeping patterns will have to change in order to protect family members. Initially husbands can undertake to take most of the burden, but all people must sleep, and sleep deprivation will take its toll in anything more than 72 hours.

Taking watches is recommended. Families who band together are fortunate as people can get more uninterrupted sleep.

If this is not possible, then letting your wife take the earlier watch will no doubt be easier for her, and for you in the long term.

Securing all the doors and windows is crucial. These only keep out honest folks. It is far simpler to put everyone in one central location, but of course this will alarm older teens as it is not normal. You should discuss this with them separately prior to making a family announcement. Let them be part of the team. Teen maturity is highly variable initially after this kind of scenario. Ultimately they can learn to control their own sleepiness and can help, but that may be well into a month.

Whoever is awake must be taught what to do, how to check, and how to wake people up, and in the right order based on threat level. Waking up the whole family sleeping in a central location too often will of course dramatically and unnecessarily raise stress levels.

Develop a plan for checking the perimeter. Have people sleep wearing clothing and shoes if possible. Have items that they might need during the night close at hand in a location known to parent and child. Discuss with them how to go to the bathroom without disturbing those around them, and notifying whoever is on watch that they are up. This is common sense, but then few of us have ever had any need to consider these kinds of issues.

Don't allow open flames within the house late at night. Fires can start very easily as tire people forget a candle is burning. LED lamps are great, but solar powered ones are infinitely better due to low power usage and no fire hazard.

The prime time to attack might come in the early morning ~3am as people are in their deepest sleep, but also primary times for people to wake to use the restroom. Security must exists at all times as one's guard goes down with relief during early morning hours when you "feel" safer in the sunlight.

Any knock at the door should be taken with the strongest alertness. Attacks will no doubt come from multiple entrances.
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