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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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All of the Tom Brown books are excellent. He even wrote one on practical urban survival, though it must be out of print since it is so old.

Water collection from natural sources is highly complex and difficult for a variety of reasons. People are not used to doing it, and as you can imagine, no water can be extremely serious.

If you have a way to purify it, as in a camping filter, then most likely for security reasons you're collecting it unfiltered, hauling it back, and then filtering it at home. Why? Because your filter will be like gold. Even your water jugs and transport system will be a commodity, so you most likely will have to send two people, most likely strong people, to collect and haul it back. Water is difficult to transport, sloshes around, and is heavy.

Water flows down, but then so does agricultural runoff as well as livestock fecal matter. People in suburbs use lawn fertilizers that no doubt chemically polluted any close lakes. This is very difficult to filter out, if not impossible.
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