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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Water sources

If you have a sense that your water supply may be compromised or shut off soon, you can of course use these methods to prepare in advance with minimal preparation. This is not ideal, but will work.

Bathtubs should never be used as a way to catch water. Neither should sinks. Both will end up containing huge bacterial counts, which will eventually make your family sick.

Discarded milk jugs contain small amounts of milk protein and will be terrible ways of storing water. They only serve as incubators for bacteria as well.

Learn how to draw off water from your hot water heater. If it is electric, then of course the power must be turned off to it, and usually there is a marked breaker or electrical disconnect nearby. Find it now, rather than when hurried and confused.

If it is gas heated, then of course you need to know how to shut off the gas.

You never want to siphon off water from a hot water heater without ensuring that it is not heating the water. Dangerous things could happen.

Many times the drain will be placed very close to the floor, and hence gathering water from it is not simple, but will result with a lot of spillage.

In the USA, many tanks are 40 or 50 gallons. That's a very minimal amount for a family of four calculating 2 gallons of water per day per person. It's not just for drinking, but cooking, cleaning up too. Calculate it out, and adjust you water reserve needs.

Waste water can be saved for flushing only. Well as long as the sewers work.

In a pinch, though not recommended, if your washer is clean and pristine, then you could fill it up as a reservoir, then carefully yourself ladling from it for family use. This will be difficult to do hygienically, and if not pristine could result in too much chlorine or soap contaminants.

I personally wouldn't draw off water from toilet tanks. For anyone who's done minimal plumbing, you've no doubt found black residue from the plumbing fixtures and flapper plug. You'd have to be desperate to use that.

Drawing off water into hastily thrown together pots and pans will have to be put somewhere. A real mess. Avoid that if you can.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1496915

I keep 30-gallon stackable bins that fit inside of each other on hand. Figure I can give them a quick chlorox bath if needed and fill them up. They take up minimal room when empty and we use them to store out of season clothes. Figure I can empty those real fast, bleach them out, and fill them. Wont' be able to move or stack them once they are full, but we have room to store them.
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