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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So where is the good news in all the doom?

In the short term, things could become dire. But generally, in spite of all that is wrong with the world, despite the terrible darkness in our souls, and cruelty in our hearts, there is Hope.

Most of us can be selfish, but very few of us who have been parents or love children can sustain that selfishness. We hunger to love and be loved, and when we find someone to love us, and children come into our lives, we tap into a well of Hope that is so deep and profound that at times it seems inexhaustible.

It is a Source of Goodness, how ever you define it. I cannot do it. I won't do it here. But it is an awareness that there is something beyond us. We only love because of it. It transcends this Life and perhaps gives us a glimpse of something far far greater.

That Goodness is our only Hope. It ultimately will be the only thing that will save us. Politicians will fail us. Big business and any employment that pays us cannot give us security. No military might can protect us.

What will you do? Will you choose to tap into that Goodness, or not? I think most will in the end, but they will need help and persuasion.

It's like Maslow's Hierarchy of Need. A person looking for sustenance and eeking out day to day survival cannot find self-actualization. We cannot expect that.

So since things may truly be totally broken for a time, the only way we can make it, is to dig down deep, or reach out far to the ends of the universe for that Goodness, however you perceive it. Some find the answer within. That voice is so feeble and almost powerless against the brunt of random violence, that I cannot believe it will be enough. But the other, the Source, that I believe is inexhaustible.

So avoiding all of the issues that defining what that Source is, or how it manifests, or even the history of believing in it, or the cruelties inflicted on others who did not believe in it, what can we do next?

After the Fall, we must come back together. All of us have skills, abilities, gifts. The Source makes no junk. No one is totally without gifts or cannot learn new ones. We are the creatures that can learn. And we shall again.

Completely illiterate people with limited awareness of the outside world learned how to gather plants, collect their seeds, plant them again, and harvest them. They didn't see an oak, a maple, a hickory, a pine. They saw wood for handles, for tools, medicine from roots and leaves and berries.

These tribal people didn't see a bass, a deer, a bear, a snake. They saw meat in their seasons, fur for warmth, leather for coverings, bones for tools.

They learned and taught each other. They were not selfish in this, but they expected the people they taught to listen enough to take the initiative and apply it. They expected them to pass it on.

So, even if things get bad, some of us will have knowledge. Some will have wisdom. Some will have strong backs. Some will make us laugh. Some will love. Some will be the greatest of friends. We will learn again to carry each other's burdens enough to teach, but not to carry them so much to enable their lack of knowledge into a handicap.

We can rebuild our society, but sometimes things have to break down so profoundly in order for that to happen.

Don't give up. Be part of the solution even when tempted to seize another's resources.
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