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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Others

We can control our emotions only when we feel safe and human. We lose our humanity when we feel threatened and then adjust whatever we previously held as morals in the fight or flight response.

The riots in London, and now elsewhere in England demonstrate this. However it started, based on a perception of injustice, it will soon spin out of control, like an all consuming fire. People can turn into mindless zombies ignoring reason and turning to senseless violence. If it happened there, it can happen here. Don't fool yourself.

A fire like that, will consume everything in its path, not discriminating based on race, religious beliefs, or sex. Don't get caught up in it, or become a victim.

It will not spontaneously begin. It takes time for a mob to assemble and ramp up into a frenzy. Have a little common sense if you see this happening, hear of it happening nearby, or watch it on television.

Ultimately the police investigate crimes AFTER they happen. We haven't invented a force yet that can effectively anticipate criminal behaviour. That said, in your gut you know what you must do to protect yourself. Not prepping in the area of home defense is foolish.

There's a scene in the movie Aliens where the combat squad is told not to use their weapons for fear of another potential danger. One soldier says something like, "Gee Sarge, what are we supposed to use? Harsh language?" There's a lot of wisdom in that scene. When people become an assembled mob, they do not listen to reason, pleading, or bribery. They respond to an effective deterrent and FEAR sent back in there direction.

Your children and spouse is counting on YOU to protect them.
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