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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
How things will spin out of control

If rioting begins to happen in multiple cities, there will be citizens, business leaders, and politicians calling for order. This means activating the military and transporting them to localized hot spots. This takes time, and anticipating how many and to what locations.

If there are many riots, they may activate National Guard units. This takes even more time as many are already activated and deployed.

The cure could be worse than the illness.

You must stay on top of information. If things are out of control, and things are getting that way i.e Philadelphia, then they may try to control media coverage or the Internet. You may be quite blind in any normal intelligence gathering as the ordinary immediacy of information will be cut off.

Do you have a radio? AM radio stations carry long distances. They may be the best source of information, as may shortwave receivers. Crank (dynamo) powered radios are available, and will be priceless. Having a chart of AM and shortwave frequencies may be extremely valuable versus random searching based on broadcast times.

In the event of martial law, it will take time to deploy them, and a huge amount of time to disband them.

Curfews are the first way to organize restrictions in movements. Next come “unlawful assemblies”. Essential movement restrictions based upon dangerous activities. Restrictions based upon name at certain times of the day. Ultimately travel will be restricted. Exits from highways may be blocked as may bridges. Gasoline may be commandeered for military use. The decision to bug out may not be an option, especially if you wait too long.

The media will not like or support a suspension of civil liberties or the flow of information. There will be issues of reporters being detained. People will be rounded up as persons of interest.

People who post on the few internet websites will be heavily criticized for instigating rumors. They may become the de facto reporters of the new era. The easiest thing to do is control the domain lookup protocol, and hence when you type in a website, you may have great difficulty actually getting your browser to that domain destination.

Authorities may try to shut down the most vocal posters by identifying IP and MAC addresses.

Posters may attempt to discover personal information in order to identify you.

Paranoia and fear will make posters scared of their own shadows. Part of that will be justified.
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