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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What is the Source?

It cannot be adequately described. All language fails to define it. How can you define Perfect Love, if you cannot define Love itself or Perfection?

A wise man, sent by the Source, said that the Domain of the Source was within us. NOW. It is not some future event. It is not some sad, now broken place, that has fallen into a crumbled civilization. The Kingdom of the Heaven is now, if and when we do the Source's will.

What is that Will? It is so hard to define. It is not just doing good deeds, though that is surely part of it. Do not be confused or distracted by those who say good deeds are enough.

We do not know what is good. We are selfish. We often think we're doing what is good, and impose our ideas on others. Imposing our will is not love. In the worst way, it can be rape, the absolute perversion of Love. The antithesis of a Perfect Love.

If you had to ask your children to define something, their answer would always be imperfect. We are children of the Source, and so our ideas will always be imperfect and imperfectly communicated.

That wise man, sent by the Source, said that the Kingdom of Heaven was like yeast. That yeast was taken by a woman. She received it, and she hid it, in sixty pounds of flour. She mixed it, kneading it, so much that all of the flour was touched by it, and transformed into dough for bread.

The yeast does not make more yeast. The Source does not ask us to make more. The yeast can transform the most basic elemental stuff necessary for life. It is an agent of change. A catalyst of the most profound Love. It cannot on it's own do much without our help. The Source can and will do miracles, but the messenger sent by the Source, asked US to help.

Yeast is present almost everywhere. Did you know that? We are surrounded by it.

It takes someone who is willing to work, to kneed that yeast, to be the hands of the Source, to make flour into dough that can feed many.

Not everyone wants to be transformed. Most people who could knead the flour don't want to do it. Most don't care. Ever knead a LOT of flour. Sixty pounds is a huge batch of dough. It takes muscle and planning and determination.

Will you do it?

Will you be someone who will be the agent of the Source? There is so much flour to be kneaded.
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