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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In addition to the long term survival issues kids especially need prepared for sudden emergencies. Most that I have met adults too are unprepared with a strategy for when something sudden happens. They haven't ever thought of it before so don't have the info to respond.

For instance an earthquake. Many have been taught to hide under furniture. Most just stand watching events and then reacting if they see something start to fall towards them. Hiding under furniture can result in death. An entire class of schoolkids years ago in Mexico where killed with this faulty strategy. The roof falls and crushes the desks or beds or tables and the people underneath. The kids huddled NEXT to the desks were not crushed because the desks held up the roof enough to survive.

What I do is when my kids are busy with play or tv I announce sudden emergencies and they have 10 seconds to find a strategy or I proclaim they have DIED! They love that game. If I announce earthquake the child who finds the correct location in immediate reach to enhance survival wins. Because of this they often choose the worst possible location so they can be proclaimed as DIED but at least in picking the worst spot they understand it is a bad choice.

When taking walks in the woods or at home I may announce armed attackers, bears, moose, angry dogs, tornados, sudden floods and other events they may see in their life. I also announce firestorms. They now know if they are near a public street a strong stick can wedge up a city drain pipe cover quickly and they can dodge an incoming combustible or explosive event that way.

So I would recommend this game with your kids. Sitting at dinner and a home invasion happens what should the kids be doing to survive? What about if they are walking and an attacker approaches? What about an large carnivore which we have where I live. Should they run or not? With some running will increase your chances of dying and with others it will not the kids need to know. Anyway your kids will love the game if you keep it at their level of fun.
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