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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I thought I was done, but after glancing at a well meaning post on using banana peels to purify water by another poster, I thought you might find this much more helpful. Not too many people will have a lot of banana peels lying around post-SHTF! :)

[link to www.cd3wd.com]
This weblink is free. There is no cost whatsoever involved in getting this information. It also can be downloaded legally via torrents.

Many volunteers from agencies that served third world countries have created pdf files. This information is used to assist those countries and their citizens in doing things like digging a well, starting a chicken farm, growing crops without chemical fertilizers, etc.

There are over 13 gigabytes of FREE information. It would be an enormous help to you, a massive practical library of information after is the SHTF.

If you had a laptop, and the solar battery charger that I detailed earlier or something like a Kindle, then you'd easily be able to access this information. Can you see how important that would be?

Another great resource library can be found here:
[link to www.gutenberg.org]

This collection can also freely be download since all of the copyrights have expired. This huge collection would also be of enormous value if the SHTF.

Good luck everyone. Use the Internet for something useful. Having both will give you a huge boost. It might also be an enormous trading resource for any leadership post-SHTF. If several of us have these, we can rebuild, and spread the information. The old information that we once spent enormous effort sending to 3rd world nations will now be used to help us rebuild society.
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