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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Pretty decent video on fish trapping. Normal fishing is too passive for catching enough fish to survive. This method involves making a basket. The basket has an opening that narrows. The fish swim in, and then have difficulty swimming out. Most traps don't think of this, but naturally you want to make a latching door to retrieve the fish, and then fix a way to open and close it without messing up the basket. It takes time to build. You do these sorts of things in the evening around the fire.

Making rope
Rope is the easiest craft there is. It looks hard, but the main thing is finding a natural material from something like weeds or grasses that has fibrous bendable material. I don't know why, but young boys aged 7-10 seem to like doing it, and they quieten down while doing so, so it's a great way to put them to work, and get something accomplished at the same time. Great for say a just after lunch activity when it's hot. They do it for an hour, get tired, nap, then get up and finish it. It doesn't take long to make quite a length, and that material can be used to make traps, both normal snares, but rope for the fish trap.


Making Rope

This is the best video as he shows what he means by twist away and then back. He's sloppy, and introducing a lot of gaps. When you splice in, it's easier if you splice in one length in, and then alternate another quite a bit down from the splice. Otherwise, introducing two splices in at once will make you cordage or rope weak.

I like flexible fibrous weeds as it makes a finer produce versus using flexible bark. I've had issues with the bark breaking on me from left over wooden pieces I neglected to remove.

Both activities can be made my children, and they appreciate being involved and responsible for making and checking the traps later. Wet cords break, so mending will happen often. Naturally you can make a long lasting chickenwire and wood basket that will last far longer. It will be analogous to a crab trap. You can bait with any material you don't want to eat, or simply something like some grasshopper pieces.
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