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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Survival Baskets

The simplest survival basket. We are hard-wired to be hunter/gatherers. Think what you might gather: field greens, nuts, berries, or tinder. If you put some thing in it like a light rain coat or plastic garbage bag, if careful you can carry: an animal for harvesting, water, etc.

It need not be perfect. That's something you hone over time. You might need to make it fast. If you had the 50 foot cordage already made in your fanny pack, then stripping 7-8 mulberry branches to make a basket would be a cinch.

Of course you can use something like your tee shirt for a quick homemade basket. Not a great idea as it's easy to get scratched up walking bare chested, or if you lifted it up to make a bowl-like fabric container, then you might stain or crush what you were carrying, plus slow down carrying it.
The basket is best.

Any child can learn how to make this one. If you take care making one, it can be beautiful.

Leaving a trail

Most of the time, you don't want to leave a trail. When lost, you do. You're leaving signs of your passage so any rescuers know where you are.

Leaving a trail sign is easy. The simplest method, for folks wearing hiking boots, is to cut off one tooth on the boot in a distinctive way. Each family member will leave a distinctive trail sign. Of course, not great for survival stealth, but great for tracking. Despite what you think, you rarely have a perfect track. This should be obvious.

Breaking a branch at the same height, ever so often, regularly, will show your path. For a trained person, it will be obvious. They are looking for them.

Placing a stack of rocks works well too. Let's say you're walking along a river. You stack three rocks in a non-natural way. Some tracker will see that, and follow it.

For fun, I'd often leave weird track pattern or trail sign for folks while hiking. I'd put unusual things I'd find in an abnormal place. A pebble in an odd location the crook of a tree had to get there somehow. This is fun game for children. You place them like Easter eggs, with points, and see who finds them all. A great game. Sometimes you find cool things like an animal bone, and place it really high, such that there's no way it got there naturally, but still can be touched and seen.

These kind of ideas will help anyone trying to find a lost person. Leaving behind clothes as strips while helpful, hurts the lost person, as they often are improperly dressed for cross country hiking. I wouldn't recommend it, as you could end up colder and with more lacerations or abrasions. Taking off a bright red shirt, and placed high on a pole, as a flag, it a classic thing to do, and you can then put it back on, and go about your way.
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