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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Carol B.
Post Content
Hey Carol B,

I spend a big part of my long life practicing and honing my survival skills. I'm a redneck, though you would never think it if you met me, just a redneck by location mostly.

I spent the majority of my time teaching other people wilderness skills, sometimes surreptitiously since the word "survival" is synonymous with "wacko". Pioneer or Native American used as a synonym is accurate, and less emotionally laden than survival.

From aged five, I've loved the outdoors, and spent most of my time there. I studied from books and from mentors in the earliest time, then took classes since I felt it was a priority. Much of it, I learned in the field through practical experience. I don't have much use for survival books, though the newer ones actually are written by people who use them, and they have improved. Some of the old ones, like the Brad Angiers ones, had some really bad information in them.

You cannot live outdoors for long, and not become a spiritual person. You can't. They go together.

I have always thought that teaching pioneer skill was vital. People can die in a very short amount of time, or they can survive or they can thrive in the woods simply by being prepared.

Those of us who are dedicated, are along a long continuum of beliefs. I've met some really New Age folks, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Wiccans, etc who all believe that something bad is coming.

The truth is that emergencies happen a lot. Most of us are shielded, but there are always people who have natural disasters happen to them.

You can simply lose your job, and in a few months not be able to pay your bills, and become homeless, as some people are discovering.

We could simply see a doubling of homelessness, and this alone would make communicating survival skills vital. Originally homeless folks were people who were cast out of state mental institutions, sometimes given vouchers, and told to make their way. Now homeless folks are often single moms, unemployed young men, elderly folks, etc.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1496915

I agree that you can't live outdoors for long and not become spiritual. As a kid, my Dad would take us camping in the Blue Mountains. Located in the s.e.corner of Washington State. I think I learned more there than in either of my two college degrees...
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