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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Earlier I stated to praise someone's looks even if not attractive. I forget who told this story, so I apologize about my old brain cells.

There was a Queen who'd gotten older. The King seldom called her into his bed, preferring much younger and riper ladies of the Court. She grew deeply sad, stopped caring about her looks, and declined in beauty.

Two passing gods noticed her sadness. They made a bet. One bet that she could make the Queen beautiful again. The other god picked who they would make fall in love with her.

A quiet minor treasury clerk was chosen to fall in love with the Queen. He was ignored by all the women of the court, and hardly handsome. When the spell was cast, he saw the Queen for who she could be. He was astounded by the difference. She was golden, sweet, caring, and lovely beyond compare.

It took his breath away. He could barely concentrate on his work. He began to make any excuse at all to be by her side. The slightest glance in his direct made his heart pound.

He wrote about it in his journal, but ached to tell her somehow. He began praising her in court to anyone who would listen. Some saw glimpses of her accomplishments, and word spread. The Queen heard murmurs, and felt flattered. She smiled more. She felt noticed. She held herself erect. She spoke with even more care, desiring more praise. She was careful about what she ate, since she she loved the complements of her Court.

The clerk grew bolder. He sent a tiny note, saying how much she meant to him. That she was his dream woman. That she was the perfect person for him.

The Queen grew curious. Her heart beat faster. Color filled her cheeks. She laughed. She stopped criticizing her court. She didn't know who wrote the note, but it was more precious than any gold or jewels. She couldn't bear to say a harsh word to someone who might have written the magical words.

By accident, she made the smallest complement to the clerk. His heart soared. He felt like a lion to be noticed, not a mouse to be stepped on. He wrote more notes. He risked saying what was in his heart.

The King could not help but notice his wife. What in the world had happened? She had always been beautiful. He'd loved her as a girl. Suddenly his old friend, comrade, and lover had returned.

The ladies of the Court grew concerned. Their praise and complements seemed more desperate and less sincere. They seemed to turn on each other, in their competition for the King.

The King praised the Queen. She was so different from her tired, run-down self. He praised her saying, “You've returned to the same sweet girl I fell in love with.”

The clerk noticed the King's affections. He loved the Queen, but loved his King too. He was happy that she was happy. Somehow, by loving the Queen, he'd been transformed into a new man too. She became his Muse. She inspired him, and it made him want to be a better man.

The woman of the Court noticed him for this transformation. He never got over his love for the Queen, but he also felt admired for the first time. People talked about the clerk. The King and Queen heard praise about his work. They promoted him, and in doing so, helped him ensnare the heart of a lovely maiden.
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