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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Factors of a global economic collapse

There are many possible ways that a global economic crisis could unfold. The likelihood of a scenario is based upon the internal ethos of a country. The level of personal preparedness of the citizenry will be a factor. The level of agrarian infrastructure and culture will influence the progression. The amount of natural resources of a country will affect what happens. The depth of the crisis and its impact on multiple nations will be a major factor. The prevalence of organized soldiers and command within a kingdom will determine how things will play out. The level that crime has inundated a country will determine how that organization will respond. The literacy of a kingdom will determine the specialists to generalists ratio. The amount of spiritual citizens to non-spiritual citizens will affect outcomes. The amount of personal freedoms and written constitutions will determine those nebulous effects. The amount of eloquent motivating leadership and their ability to communicate over distances will determine to whom the people listen. The role of organized transportation will determine if anything more than carrying capacity will affect population hubs. The level of medical care, the overall health of the citizens, and the ability to reorganize medical practitioners will influence options and outcomes. The range of perceived wealthy citizens to impoverished citizens and everything along that continuum will be a major factor.

Another crisis might follow and influence the scenario. Usually when a disaster strikes, a combination of factors determines the success of organized relief to assist the population. It's not the one crisis that kills people, it's a combination. If an additional crisis occurs, any relief forces then must deal with both(or probably more) simultaneously and unfortunately they are synergistic.

Any relief force has multiple specialists that attack a host of interconnected issues: security, engineering, medicine, food and water distribution, transport, command. Then of course if there is not relief that is organized, commanded well, supported by unaffected outside people(who are funding it), able to transport essential goods and services, has a prepared cache of supplies, and is accepted by the affected population, it doesn't matter.

Did I leave anything out? I think I covered the most important, but there's no doubt other factors.

Has the color drained from your faces? Are you gulping yet? Do any of those concepts seem worrisome?

I cannot make a scenario based upon other countries internal struggles in a global economic collapse. Being an United States citizen, I do not and would not presume to understand anything in depth about your country. Anything that I write might peripherally make educated guesses on how other countries decisions or outcomes affect the USA.
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