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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Minor economic collapse and a prophetic good leader

The most optimistic outcome of a global economic collapse would be the emergence of a brilliant, moral, eloquent, visionary leader who can motivate and build consensus: the miracle leader. In the absence of economic power, and owing to a lack of solutions, a great communicator with unique ideas for handling a global crisis, that can benefit all, will stand out.

A political leader that is not merely liked, but understands economics, and comprehends what motivates people to action, and can explain that in 15 minutes to the average person, will win the day. Ones that can miraculous speak in sound bites, and are well-liked by the media, will have an easier time of it. Unfortunately, people being shallow, will like beautiful or handsome people more for the same reason.

Seldom can good people work in politics without losing themselves in the process. While they may have entered innocently and altruistically, in order to pass legislation, and build consensus, they take political shortcuts and negotiate to get work accomplished. In addition to this already great obstacle, they must run for re-election which takes time, effort, and lots of money. The people that they take money from generally do this out of self-preservation. Preferential treatment or legislation or something of value is transferred through this process.

Because we are interconnected by globalism, only solutions which benefit global citizens will ultimately be successful.

I'm an isolationist. Everything that I think is focused on the things here at home. That probably will only work if it also doesn't hurt those abroad.

A leader that can find solutions that stabilize the economy within the country, must find some way to negotiate trade in equitable ways to suppliers of imported goods and services.

You send taxes to Washington. Legislation is passed to allocate those taxes. A bureaucrat manages the resources allocated to their division. Salaries and offices are paid. What is left over is dispensed. It is horribly wasteful. Such waste has ramped up so much, for so long, and in such a configuration, that cutting it is extremely difficult to do. Many papers have been written which eloquently describe the difficulties in doing so without creating anarchy.

Worse, since it is so expensive, and taxes come in based upon income, and since many corporations do not pay income tax, promissory notes are generated to make up shortfalls. These are sold to other countries, so in effect they determine fiscal policy. If corporations did pay income taxes then very likely even larger unemployment would occur.

Only a leader with fresh economic ideas, that think outside of this encircling doom cycle, will be able to solve a global economic collapse.

The chances of one person having all of the listed qualities in such a crisis is abysmally and infinitesimally remote.
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