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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Historical means of coping with severe conditions

As state budgets feel the pinch, and then burden, and the mounting concern of dealing with growing homelessness and poverty, look for some of these to be implemented. Most should be red flags as to the seriousness of the situation.

The USDA Commodities Program
Prior to the prevalence of the food stamp program, the commodities program created a market for US farmers. Food was canned in generic containers and distributed to supplement the poor. It was thought that this would improve nutrition, especially among young unwed mothers, who might be very young, and without mentors, who might not know what foods would be most nutritious for new families.

While there are some remnants of the program, as food stamp numbers increase, and little control exists over food purchases, a possibility exists for a switch back to this. It is expensive for the government to ordinarily warehouse food, create contracts for canning food, and working out any contracts from farmers directly.

Debtor Colonies
With issues in food prices increasing, and a large and growing unemployment, I can foresee debtor colonies being created. Unemployed folks may be assessed as to skill level. In some cases, I can see a relocation program to move poor unemployed people to debtor colonies to grow food, can it, or distribute it.

You know how that worked in the former Soviet Union. Let those with ears to hear, hear.

It may be sold at first to help with homelessness. Large numbers may either be prey to crime, or cause crime, and if there are events with theft, homeless folks may be blamed either rightly or wrongly.

Remember Manzanar. Remember Camp Blanding. Remember Fort Lincoln.

I know what you're thinking. I'm way ahead of you. Someone will oversee the running of these camps. The military is a probable candidate. Others may be hired to put them to work as guards.

CCC or Civilian Conservation Corp

During the Great Depression, there were many unemployed young men that worked in public works programs in a variety of ways. Some built state parks, or added to them. Others worked on crumbling infrastructure like bridges. Since we have both issues, you can bet someone is doing a case study to determine the feasibility of a work camp in central locations to feed and house the poor and put them to work to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. They'll most likely look at the cost/benefit ratio versus the political backlash and amount of spin-doctoring to get it to work. It could start out very innocently by well meaning people. If you see a lot of history being touted about the enormous help of the CCC, rolled out as pablum for the masses, you should wake up.

Illegal immigrant might also be placed in temporary areas, and slowly relocated in cycles toward the Mexican border and repatriated.

Drug offenders might be moved from prisons to reduce the costs of running them, and produce goods.

What other things from history can you think of that societies did to the poor? Debtor prisons comes to mind. Many times, those who couldn't pay their debts, or had no family to pay their debts, were given a choice or sent to remote colonies. If they paid someone off, and returned home, and were caught, they could be executed.

If you owe billions and are a banker, you get bailed out. If you owe thousands, and cannot pay, you might end up in prison.

Can you foresee a day, when you cannot pay your mortgage and loans, and become not only homeless, but in prison? The whole time, the interest keeps being added to your principal. You could end up with little recourse as you do owe the money and cannot pay.
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