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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Altering and recalibrating and forming a mind-shift

What we initially think or perceive is rarely accurate. This is the reason, in a military operation, you seek new “intelligence”. We don't have all the answers. We don't know everything. What we do “know” is most likely wishful thinking or faulty.

Time and intelligence gathering hones our analysis.

Long periods of time pass, and only then does the truest analysis happen.

Hope is essential to community; hope however is not a plan.

What we need versus what we want versus what would be great to have versus the ideal is all part of re-calibration. We may want more food, a warmer environment, cleaner better tasting water, more meat, more sleep, less worries, etc.

In a SHTF scenario, many outside and random and intentional forces are acting on us. The natural response generally follows the Kubler-Ross model of grief: DABDA. This is an excellent thing to memorize. In a SHTF scenario, most of the sheeple or sleepers are grieving. You are too, you're just adapting better through recalibration of your outlook.

DABDA: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. This is the most important aspect of community coping that a leader will need to know. Most people will be somewhere along this journey of grieving. Stepping outside and responding is called “coping”. Coping happens by deliberate intelligent choices + affection and love. People are social creatures and cope within community. People without a community tend to become suicidal when grieving and not having a source of affection and love.

A leader doesn't allow the community to “react” and go through the stages of grief without mentoring them. Mostly, grieving people just want to talk and manifest their grief through words and actions. “We lend them our calmness and be present with them, with minimal advice and maximal affection.” What they desire is an acknowledgment of the legitimacy of their grief. They will come to terms with it gradually, working through the stages, and accept it, altering their mind-shift or outlook. Acceptance and Hope emerge.

You do not need everything that you are used to. You can survive on a lot less, knowing that at some point on the path you will have something more comfortable. This is Hope.

The more that someone has higher levels of sustenance, the more relaxed they are. The higher a person's coping skills, the less sustenance they need. Experiences that make sustenance gathering happen more often and more completely make coping easier. The three voices meet and negotiate to make an altered and recalibrated outlook. That process is a mind-shift.

Reframing what is food, water, acceptable temperature, and shelter will make responding easier. Children look to you for guidance. If you reframe that this food is acceptable, then they will too over time.

Laughter and commiserating with a joke are classic and healthy ways of coping. There's a scene in the movie Shoot to Kill. [link to www.imdb.com] In it, a FBI agent works with a mountain guide to help rescue his girlfriend who is also a trained guide. Her kidnapper won't let them have a fire, so she reframes, and bites into the raw fish she just caught and says, “Okay, let's eat sushi!” This is a very healthy way to cope through laughter.

Breakfast in some African communities is cow's milk and blood. For a Japanese person, it might be soybean paste soup, rice, and pickles. For a hungry American it might be something as small as a protein shake, a piece of buttered toast, or bacon and eggs. All of these are reframed responses to what is an acceptable breakfast.

Eating a reheated stew of grilled rabbit, some field greens, tubers, flavored with wild garlic, and boosted with unmentionables, may be your breakfast. It would be an extravagant one of plenty or a miserable one based upon reframing.

A debris hut could be an itchy uncomfortable dark horrible shelter, or it could be a perfectly camouflaged, warm, waterproof burrow of safety.

Gathered dew with a cloth from nearby grasses could cause you to feel repelled by concept of cleanliness, or it could be a life sustaining free gift from the Source, no less miraculous than mana in the desert.
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