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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
if you live in a neighborhood... organize the residents to also protect the whole area... like close off roads with cars so no one can drive through and then take watches.

My good friends in New Orleans did this after Katrina for there were gangs with oozies running around. But they did not enter area that looked guarded. They went for easy prey. So my friends area only needed to shoot of a round of warning bullet and the gang left... It is better to work in larger groups like a full street or neighborhood. If you live in one with restricited roads it is easier to guard.

Make no mistake...living in the woods is scarier for if a group finds you and your family they can torture you for days and no one knows it.

when coming home, keep a eye out for anyone hidding to get you as you enter your front door.. This is another way people can hold up in your house, eat your food, rape anyone, etc. This is where most of the illegal entry happens.

Wasp spray will temporary blind intruders, and the police dept. told us this! It will spray far and with a direct stream... it is cheap and easy. Then you can duck tape them and throw them out in to the street... etc.
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