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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Relief Maps
Despite all our best plans, we should always have an excellent map in order to extricate ourselves, as well as know the surrounding terrain, sources of water, and potential hiding places. An excellent map of your surrounding ten mile area might be very useful for neighborhood defense and developing a tactical plan.

Many people purchase road atlases, or they rely on Google maps. The former map be of very limited information since it is primarily concerned with roads, which may be dangerous to travel on. The later will most certainly be unavailable as the Internet becomes restricted to reduce load in an unstable situation as well restrict communication.

The very best maps for going cross country are relief maps. Topographical maps are common, and not bad to read, but relief maps are made to graphically represent in 3-D the terrain.
[link to birrell.org] These are separated out by area and scale. These are only examples as they do not give you enough detail to be useful.

[link to www.worldmapsonline.com]
Here is a relief map of the state of Maine. It would extremely useful to have if you were going there, or lived there as each pass, or valley, or water source is clearly labeled. Compare that with an interpreting a topo map and making a quick decision about an alternative route. The relief map is 10x better.

A pretty good and free alternative is [link to www.maps-for-free.com]
It overlays information on a google map area, and you select what you wish to display. Like everything in this world, you get what you pay for. There may be map servers in your state, that have web presences. These will allow you some free mapping, but not at levels good enough for printing. That's what you'll need a map you are carrying, preferably two copies, in case one gets wet and damaged.
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