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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
For getting an overview, particularly of a neighborhood, you can download Google Earth for free, label things appropriately and cut and paste them into what ever graphics or word processing program. Now you can clearly label various terrain points like potential water sources near your home, all the routes that you might take, the approach to the neighborhood through various entrances. Since it's to scale, you can determine things like how wide is that entrance.

So if the water went out, and you had to harvest from local lakes, you'd know and be able to show people which way they should take, and then they'd report back if that route was safe or if they had trouble going that way. Since you might be traveling cross country, neighbors might live on that route, and not appreciate a lot strange people walking. All of these things need to negotiated. Maybe they grant access, and you gather some water for them. That's a fair trade.

If things got hairy and you needed to protect the neighborhood in a Katrina like incident or rioting, then you'd be way ahead of the curve if you had printout to show what was immediately around you.

These are overhead shots in Google Earth, not true representations sometimes since the satellite photos were taken at time which may show things that no longer look that way.
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