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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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How to communicate with the Source

In a SHTF scenario, there is an immediate sense of isolation. We feel cut-off. We might be cut-off from food, supplies, medicine, utilities, EMS personnel and protectors, and social groups we attend. The communication we have with our friends and family that live within our household or neighborhood will be crucial at those times.

You might be cut-off even more, as a situation degenerates in anarchy. If so, you can blithely sit back and let the chips fall where they may, or you can do something to make the situation better, even if it seems pointless or minimal.

I think, and this is a very mystical way of thinking, that we do communicate with something greater than ourselves. I call that the Source. People have been writing about that in many tongues, and in many modalities. Lao Tzu wrote about it in the sixth century BCE.
[link to classics.mit.edu]

I am not a Taoist, but there is great insight into the Source found there. NONE of us have all the answers, but some of us see glimmers. Someone may hunger for spiritual knowledge and write about it imperfectly because we are imperfect beings.

Just because I profess one belief system, I think that it is wrong to impress that on another. I am not someone who believes that all spiritual communication is equal. That results in an insipid blend, and any good cook knows mixing all the spices in a meal will taste revolting.

There are many ways to communicate with the Source. Some people have made categories, and they almost always include these: adoration, praise, thanksgiving, penitence, oblation, intercession, petition, and corporate worship. These can be silent, words spoken inwardly, words spoken outwardly, or sung. In the highest level of communication with the Source, they may take the forms of dance, affection, kindness, and ultimately goodness. Keep communicating like that, and it will alter the Way of your journey.

Only use words if you must. Actions speak louder than words. The sum of your life is the great communication to the Source

Kemper Crabb said in a song, “The rhythm the rhyme the reason of the Dance pulses within everything.” [link to www.youtube.com] He is genius, a mystic, a Bodhisattva, a good man.

Adoration is basking in the glory of the Source silently. It is often felt in that moment when we really perceive something vast, and that can be a river gorge in Autumn, or a small ladybug crawling onto our foot, or in the sweet hug of acceptance when we do not deserve it. At those times we become cosmicly and irrevocably aware of the Source. Sometimes when people have an epiphany, they encounter the Source and yield to it.

Praise is not asking for the Source to do something for you. You offer complements to the Source freely and willingly. You see the greatness, majesty, magnanimous nature, magnificence of the Source.

Sitting down before hand and listing all of your blessings and then praising the Source for those blessings make you a better person. Having a grateful heart never diminishes you. It doesn't expend you. Some people are not very generous in their praise, almost as if they are afraid it will be used up from a dwindling supply. This type of praise is thanksgiving. Many people are most hurt when they give something to another at great cost, and then not thanked. We are constantly blessed but get busy and forget to thank the Source.

Penitence are moments with the Source when we list the times we fell short of the goal: we failed the Source. Sometimes those actions can be things that were wrong. Sometimes they are times we acted in evil ways. Listing them before hand in an intentional way will surprise you as to the extent of them. They can be as numerous as the stars in the sky. Saying them to the Source and asking forgiveness and direction will put you back on a straighter Way. They can become burdens we will not let go of, and then weigh us down forever or become enormous chains dragging us down.

Look up “cast in irons”. It was a horrific punishment of an enormous weight of iron chain, that caused difficulty in doing almost everything, choked the person, and made them bleed. Many of us are like that, and can not on our own remove them. Take the chains off of anyone you can.

Oblation is a word many people have never heard of. It is the act of offering something to the Source. You search your heart for some way to give back through a donation or sacrifice or time, talent, and treasure. This is very hard for selfish people. Some people perceive that there are limited resources, and any subtraction from their pile of stuff, will make them less powerful.

Intercession is a prayer in which we communicate with the Source for other people. It is inherently unselfish. When people share their failings or illnesses or private matters, and trust us with their burdens, we quietly and sensitively communicate that to the Source. We do not tell the Source what to do. The Source knows what to do. We ask the Source to please do something to help them. There are many stories where the Source altered their plans through the intercession of one voice. The startling fact of that is like plunging into an icy lake. It is incomprehensible.

Petition is 99.9% of most prayer. It is me-driven. It is asking the Source to do something for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with that. How we ask, what we ask, when we ask, why we ask though is often selfish and asked incorrectly and asked too often. The communication you have with the Source should be balanced. You are one person in a world of billions. Maybe you should take that to heart rather than focusing all your communication in one modality.

Corporate prayer is doing all of the above with other people. It is empowering. It is heart-rendering. It is fulfilling.

That communication, especially for intercession, should only be used if the person who communicated the burden wishes for it. Many times those burdens are very intimate. I have seen well meaning folks pray aloud and embarrass the suffering person, and heightening their misery. Be sensitive.

Do not heap heavy burdens on each other and break the backs of the community. Carry each other's burdens. They will do that for you when you need them to. That is real community.

We do not communicate with the Source to give them information. The Source knows it. We do it to make ourselves more intimate with the Source.

Let's say that you have an okay relationship with your lover, friend, or child. If you never communicate with them, maintain a distance, rarely offer an encouraging word, never do anything for them, what do you think will happen? The level of trust, intimacy, friendship, affection: all will diminish. They might know what you think, but somehow the words and actions that we share are important to communicate what we feel.
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