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Message Subject Last minute tips for parents when the SHTF
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Staying Warm continued

[link to journeytoforever.org]
Here's a method for generating heat indoors, mostly for cooking. It was developed for 3rd world nations, such that it would be pretty inexpensive to fabricate from local materials. It requires less venting, and has scientifically measured carbon monoxide (CO) levels. The trick is to cut off the air flow which starves the fire quickly, minimizing emissions like CO. Or, you allow the charcoal to burn completely and run out, which since it burns more efficiently than a normal wood stove, means less emissions. Make no mistake, I still would vent it. You could also (not advised) try to take it outside, but of course this risks fire. Not a great option.

A typical means of extending heat is having large black painted water barrels. They absorb any heat from the sun, and heat from the wood stove, and then slowly release the energy as heat. Note that this is very heavy and means putting the barrels on a very stout reinforced floor.

You could construct a solar air heater: [link to blog.hemmings.com]

Or you could make a solar sponge: [link to www.solarsponge.com]

Finally, besides wood, an excellent source of fuel for fire is dried cow dung. You'll laugh, but it doesn't smell. Maybe a little earthy. Cows are ruminants. They have four digestives areas in which they progressively pull out the nutritional elements of grasses and water, and progressively dry and eliminate it.

After seasoning the manure, it dries further, and can be collected, and if you ask farmers, they'll be happy for you to take it away.

It's easy to drive around in a pickup truck, and collect cow patties. I can hear the laughter. That is good. Laughter is healing and cleansing.

It burns hot and clean, with less ash, making a very fine fire.
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